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Squire Memebers:

What We Do:







Civic Duty



Officers and Counselors


John Paul Martin

Chief Squire


Chris Martin

Chief Counselor


Deputy Chief Squire


Father Michael

Father Prior

A Columbian Squire's circle is a group of young men, 10-18, who want to learn more about and excersise their Catholic faith. They are run by and sponsered by the local Knights of Columbus Counsel. We call these worthy people our Counselors. The most used excuse not to join is that you don't have time. YOU DON"T NEED THE TIME. All you are required to give is an hour at you investiture, or your ceromony in which you enter Squirehood, and paying the dues. You don't have to even make the once a month, hour long meetings. For more information about how to start a squires circle, contact your local Knights of Columbus Counsel or the our circle here in Sunapee, New Hampshire.

Columbain Squires are all about being a good Catholic young man. One goes through an avancement program. This is like ranks; the first is Page, then Shield Bearer, next is Swordsman, Lancer, and Squire of the Body of Christ. With these come things that the Squires have to accomplish. We also have officers, which are Chief Squire, Deputy Cheif Squire, Marshal, Bursar, Notary, Pole Captain, Arm Captain, and Father Prior. We also have committees and with these are chairmen of the commitees. The officers have one year terms while the chairmen have three month terms. The men in the positions can be reelected.


Over the phone, by email, or mail



483 Gillingham Drive,

Newbury, NH 03255

If you're a Cathilic young man ages 10-18 and looking to sign up, contact us here:

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If you're looking for more information, contact us here:

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Questions? Comments? Leave them here:

Columbian Squires Bl. Pier Georgio Frassati Circle #5806

"Esto Dignus - Be Worthy"
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